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  About Us  

SO-CAL FLOOD ZONE REMOVAL is a subsidiary of Gentry Surveying Company, Inc., who has assisted hundreds of customers, over the past 17 years, in the removal of their homes/businesses from the National Flood Insurance Program flood zones. Bryan Gentry, who is a Professional Land Surveyor, Licensed by the State of California, founded the Company in 1990.

As a direct result from the processing of hundreds of removals, SO-CAL FLOOD ZONE REMOVAL was formed to address our customers specific needs, in dealing with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), to have their homes that have been placed in the special flood hazard areas by flood zone determination, removed from the flood zone.

We are registered with FEMA to prepare removal letters, for specific zones, directly from our office. This service is called the eLOMA process.

We have an outstanding reputation within our local communities and with the FEMA agencies that process your removal.

You can contact us at:
Call: (805) 527-5299

Fax: (805) 527-2349