Insurance Discount  

If by some chance your structure is NOT eligible for Removal from the Flood Zone, DON’T PANIC!! A lot of people don’t realize that they can get a lowered Flood Insurance Premium if they cannot get removed from the Flood Zone!

At So-cal Flood Zone Removal, we can get your Insurance premium lowered by 50-80% if you structure meets a minimum elevation requirements and you get a Completed Elevation Certificate.

For example: The average home owner in Simi Valley California who is required to pay $1438.00 a year for Flood Insurance, has their premium reduced to an average of just $270.00 a year, simply by getting an Elevation Certificate! Of course that depends on just how much coverage you wish to have.

The best part is, just like if you get removed, you get a refund back! You don’t get the whole thing, but you get the difference back. In the example above, you would receive $1181.00 back! This is more than what pays for the Elevation Certificate, and puts money back in your pocket!




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